Anonymous asked:
Has Beyoncé ever been problematic?
tina-knowles replied:

I feel like her brand of power feminism is like beyond problematic and she’s like complicit in this bullshit capitalist society (like the rest of us) also that  ”eat the cake anna mae” line was weird considering what a Tina stan she is?  So was "Like MJ Docor They Killing Me" since all she do is eat Mike ass out? Whatever. I like her work I don’t know that lady like that **puts stan goggles back on** BEYONCÉ IS GOD SHE IS INFALLIBLE YOUR FLOP ASS MONKEY FAVS COULD NEVER COME FOR TINA’S FIRST BORN ON HA WORST DAY YAAAAAAS KILL ME BEYONCÉ BATHE IN MY BLOOD YAAAAAAS!!!!


why are these girls wearing their “fuck larry shippers” shirt to a concert like what do they think is gonna happen? harry’s eyes meet urs in the middle of a song and he eyes start glowing red as he yells “dark harry activate” as he flies across the stadium and spanks u in front of 80,000 people????